Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
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Welcome to Magical Mystery Tours 2015

"In these times of quickening and change, here is a chance to step aside from the stress of a busy life to nourish the spirit. You are invited to participate in a journey of a lifetime - one of discovery - to connect not only with the sacred of Nature and the landscape, but within yourself, and to rekindle your true sense of wonder."

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Magical Mystery Tours are very unique journeys, personally escorted tours geared to providing you with an unforgettable experience. These are trips with a difference - off the beaten track, taking time to absorb and cherish the enchanting beauty of the land. Limited to 4-6 guests (depending on the tour), the personal touch of a small group allows greater flexibility and freedom, plus space for your own personal exploration.

Stonehenge, UK

We offer a selection of one-of-a-kind inspiring journeys: Nature at its best through breathtaking scenery and mysteries of the land; adventures in the enigmatic crop circles; exploration of ancient sacred sites, well known and lesser known; journeys to islands where you'll feel the primitive spirit that takes you back in time; and wild, hidden, special places. We stay in very carefully chosen, unique and interesting cottages, B&Bs, small hotels, or sometimes old country manors. Some meals are included, but when eating out we always try to provide guests with the most sumptuous food at exceptional and unusual eateries, always to the highest standard at the most reasonable cost.

Denni ClarkeDenni Clarke, tour director and personal guide, has been leading one-of-a-kind Magical Mystery Tours to visit Earth Mysteries and Sacred Sites in Great Britain and Ireland since 1994. Having lived in California for over 30 years, she has returned to her homeland and now resides in Cornwall. She loves what she does, which shows by all the travellers who return year after year. Her love and knowledge of the land takes you to many special hidden gems of places on the journeys - far from the tourist trail. Her interest in ancient sacred sites goes back to childhood, and since 1995, Denni has been investigating the crop circles after a life-changing experience on entering her first crop circle. She has photographed and lectured on the subject for many years, inspiring others on their quest of this beautiful mystery, and is author of the book "Crop Circle Wisdom - Simple Teachings of the CircleMakers".

"Thank you for giving me one of the most profound magical experiences of my life! I will treasure the experience."
Brandee, Pacific Grove, CA

"This was my 7th tour with Denni - all of which truly are a magical blend of ancient sites and heart-opening modern mysteries, laced with fun and gastronomic delights! Impeccably arranged, but still allowing the magic of each day to unfold."
Anne, Ajax, Canada

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